Lots of people use emojis as a fun way to express emotions. But most of our biggest regrets can be traced back to the mistakes we made in how we actually expressed our emotions. Are you ready to take control of your emotions, rather than being controlled by them? Through this teaching series, we'll unpack the biblical principles behind understanding what our emotions are really telling us and how we can respond in ways that move our relationships forward, rather than causing pain. Sadness doesn't have to lead to depression and anger doesn't have to turn into bitterness. Come and discover practical tools for not only managing your emotions, but healing from past emotional wounds.

Sermons in this Series


September 29, 2019 Todd Stevens Emojis


September 22, 2019 Todd Stevens Emojis


September 15, 2019 Todd Stevens Emojis


September 8, 2019 Todd Stevens Emojis