Steven Holland

Pastor on Staff / Worship

Who is your family?

My wife, Lauren, and I have 3 wonderful kids: Rivers, Emery, and Ledger.

What do you do?

My focus is to craft an engaging worship experience and lead the church into an authentic encounter with the Lord.

What has led you to this point?

My grandfather taught me a few chords when he gave me my first guitar and that’s all I needed! I spent much of my teen years and early 20’s chasing a dream of one day making it “big.” God had different plans and from the moment I was saved, I began walking in His plan for my life and using the gifts I’ve been blessed with to bring glory to Him.

What is your quirk?

I randomly get the theme song for “Sanford and Son” stuck in my head and can be heard humming it off and on for days at a time!

What is your favorite “southern” saying?

“I heard that!”

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