Lisa Hodson, headshot

Lisa Hodson

Minister to Young Families

Who is your family?

My husband is Jay, and we have three grown children: Trey, Aaron (Mikenzie), and Anna.

What do you do?

Minister to Young Families. I am responsible for Discovery Zone, Family Events, and Communications.

What has led you to this point?

I have been a member of Mt Vernon and a volunteer in the children’s ministry for many years. I taught preschool here for seven years and even served as the Discovery Zone director in the past. I have a degree in Speech Pathology, but was blessed to be able to stay at home when my children were small. I have always had a love and calling to teach children and serve their families. For several years, I worked as an administrative assistant, but continued to feel the tug to be back in an area of service to children. While praying for God’s direction and with His timing, this job became available. I am excited to be a part of such an amazing team.

What is your quirk?

My quirk is wearing my glasses on top of my head, instead of on my face. Sometimes you can even see me with two pairs on top of my head.

What is your favorite “southern” saying?

“Fixin’ to”

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