Elliot Medlen, headshot

Elliott Medlen

Connections Minister

Who is your family?

I’m married to my beautiful high school sweetheart, Taylor, and we have 3 amazing kiddos: Mason, Julia, and Clark.

What do you do?

I’m the Connections Minister, and I lead our Guest Services team and LifeGroup ministry. I get to help people discover where they can serve and grow closer to God.

What has led you to this point?

I didn’t grow up in church, but when God saved me, I needed the family of God to help me. A welcoming environment and a safe place to learn about God were important to me, and I get to help foster both of those!

What is your quirk?

I love to do impressions. So far, I’ve learned how to do: Christopher Walken, Bane, Mickey Mouse, Ms. Swan and Stewart from Mad TV, and probably a couple more I’ve forgotten.

What is your favorite “southern” saying?

“God willing and the creek don’t rise.”

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