9:00 am - The Worship Center

10:30 am - The Worship Center and The Gathering (Fellowship Center)

We are one campus with two distinct venues, The Worship Center & The Gathering. The Worship Center provides a high energy, upbeat worship experience that seeks to use technology to its full. From electric guitars to moving lights, we push the limits that technology affords us in order to bring our worship to life and provide a full sensory experience. 

The Gathering is designated for those who enjoy a more relaxed style of worship. In The Gathering you'll find a minimal, yet creative approach. The music is more acoustic-based and the environment is more organic and unplugged. 

Both venues hold true to Mt Vernon DNA. You will find warm and engaging people. And from the moment you step foot on campus, you will feel welcomed and accepted. We seek to create intimate worship experiences. Our content is biblical, creative and relevant. Our services seek to be a safe place where you can come experience God and lift high the name of Jesus. Join us as we continue creating contagious communities of hope. 


9:00 am - DiscoveryZone (infant-preK), KidZone (K-5th grade) 

10:30 am - DiscoveryZone (infant-preK) and KidZone (K-5th grade) 


9:00 am - Students meet in the Basement for MTVstudents connect (6th-12th grade)


5:30 pm - Family Dinner - Sign up online

6:00 pm - The Basement (6th - 8th grade / Meets In Basement)

                  Launch (9th - 12th grade / Meets In Worship Center

6:30 pm - DiscoveryZone, KidZone, & MTVmidweek (adults)     

*All midweek services end at 7:15 pm