lead pastor

    Who is your family? My wife is Robin, and we have four children: Zeke, Shepherd, Lincoln, and the princess of the house, Elle.

    What do you do? I’m the guy that gets to preach.

    What has led you to this point? I spent two years as a missionary in Africa before serving for ten years in student ministry. The local church is the hope of the world and I love serving in whatever role I can to help the church move forward.

    What is your quirk? I’m an information addict. I’ll browse several news websites a day, read several books a month, and always keep an eye out for something new to read and learn.

    What is your favorite "southern" saying? Y'all

  • Scott tolleson

    worship pastor

    Who is your family? My wife is Courtney and we have one beautiful daughter named, Paisley.

    What do you do? I am the Worship Pastor here at MTVchurch, and that’s exactly what I try to do is Pastor people in worship. Worshipping God is not just something that happens on Sundays, it’s the fundamental reason of our existence. Worship is woven throughout our everyday life. I am so humbled to get to play a small part serving Christ’s kingdom.  

    What has led you to this point? My road to this point has been a very interesting journey to say the least.  I fell in love with music at an early age but never had any dreams of serving in the church. It wasn’t until my brother and I started a band in high school that I began to be drawn and called into ministry. Since then, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel and lead worship around the country as well as serve in some great churches here in Mississippi, to which I am forever grateful for the opportunity.   Some of it has been challenging, but it has also been very rewarding and better than I could have ever planned myself. I am so grateful to be serving at MTVchurch here in my hometown, and can't wait to see what God does here.  

    What is your quirk? I’m extremely clumsy. I break everything I touch, so if it’s valuable to you , don’t let me anywhere near it!!

    What is your favorite southern saying? “rurnt” as in “that’s rurnt” (ruined) 

  • aimee bradley

    minister to young families

    Who is your family? My husband Paul and our four children: Jerrod, Victoria, Daniel, and Ben.

    What do you do? Minister to Young Families. I am responsible for DiscoveryZone, Host Team, Next Step Track, Family Events, etc.

    What has led you to this point? I married my high school sweetheart and moved to Starkville to attend MSU. After earning my degree in English and Speech Education and teaching high school for 2 years, I became a stay-at-home mom with my 4 children for the next 8 years. I began to volunteer at our church in order to stay busy when my 3rd baby started preschool, which led to a paid part-time position when my 4th baby started preschool. During that time, my passion for family ministry grew. I knew God was calling me to full time ministry and within a 3 month of acknowledging that calling out loud, a church called me to be their full time children’s minister. I was there for 3 1/2 years before moving to MTVchurch, which allows me to be the wife, mom, and minister God is calling me to be!

    What is your quirk? Wooden popsicle sticks give me the heeby-jeebies!! And I am beyond terrified of mice!

    What is your favorite "southern" saying? HailState!

  • Brandon Starnes

    student pastor

    Who is your family? My wife is Dana and we have a beautiful calico cat named FiFi.

    What do you do? I serve as the Student Pastor. The majority of my focus is seeing students come to know Christ and helping them develop their relationship with their savior.

    What has led you to this point? God has directed me to MTVchurch and has fulfilled a desire to be be closer to family. I've had the opportunity to serve in several capacities of ministry for the past 16 years. After being in North Carolina for the last several years, I am now back in my home state of Mississippi and loving every minute of it. 

    What is your quirk? I love organization. All my stuff has it's place.  

    What is your favorite "southern" saying? Well Bless Their Heart!

  • Coleman swain

    Middle school  director

    Who is your family? Recently engaged to Kathryn Beck. Looking forward to joining the rest of the staff in being married.

    What do you do? Hang with people that share a similar level of intellect as myself. We are calling it the Middle School Director.

    What has led you to this point? The Almighty. He has placed a desire in my heart to share the love that He has for me with the rest of this world. Currently, the area of focus is student ministry. They are the next generation and will one day be leaders of this world. I hope to play a role in why they are God-fearing ones. 

    What is your quirk? Selective hearing, momma says it's what makes me a man.

    What is your favorite "southern" saying? Coke - an all encompassing term for a carbonated beverage. None of that "soda-pop" garbage.

  • callie stone

    kidzone director

    Who is your family? My husband is Shawn, and we have three boys: JT, Thax, and Sam.

    What do you do? Full-time stay-at-home mom and KidZone Director (K-5th grade children's ministry). I get to teach kids about God's love for them and how to live in a way that pleases Him!

    What has led you to this point? Great question! I was approached by someone who thought I'd be great for this role, which cracked me up because I had no experience with children or ministry! But God knew what He was doing because I could not love this job anymore! This is definitely not anything that I would have ever dreamed on my own, but I love where God has me!

    What is your quirk? The way I fold my laundry. I am very obsessive about the way it is folded and put away; it's like origami art to me!

    What is your favorite "southern" saying? How's your mom n den?

  • Lori palmer

    office manager

    Who is your family? My husband is Tony and we have two children: Kaiya and Isaiah.

    What do you do? Anything to keep the office running smoothly. What has led you to this point? I've worked in accounting for years and liked the idea of using my talents specifically in the ministry world.

    What is your quirk? I have to check all the outlets before I leave to make sure they are unplugged. Once I step outside the house, I have to go back in to check a few more times.

    What is your favorite "southern" saying? They're all so great, why pick just one?